ProChem, Inc. is a leading provider of industrial water technologies and sustainable solutions, specializing in water reuse systems.

Industrial Water Reuse Solutions

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ProChem, Inc. water reuse systems combine the most effective wastewater treatment technologies to reclaim and recycle the wastewater from most any industrial process. These water reuse systems enable companies to be proactive with water stewardship.

Water Reuse Systems Overview
Why ProChem, Inc.?

We work closely with our customers to provide sustainable solutions to their water problems. Each reuse system is designed specifically for the waste stream it will treat, which means that the treatment program works for the facility and not the other way around. But don't worry, flexibility for future expansion and waste stream change is built-in to all of our system designs.


We have pilot testing systems that can be used on-site or off-site to evaluate possible process variations and provide our customers with a firsthand look at how the process will function in their facility.





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ProChem performs water reuse feasibility testing to tell you how much water you can recycle in your facility.

We employ a full scale treatability laboratory that is designed to study and develop industrial water reuse processes.

A ProChem, Inc. Water Reuse customer states that they are saving a projected $90,000 on the purchase and disposal of water with water reuse.

We offer water reuse feasibility testing and provide you with a feasibility rating, which indicates the percentage of your wastewater that can be recycled using a reuse system.

The reclaimed and treated wastewater can be recycled into influent  for any number of uses within a facility, from painting and plating rinse lines to Deionization feed water and cooling tower makeup water and more. Our innovative and flexible water reuse systems for water reuse allow us to turn what was once wastewater into high-quality process water. These systems can be added on and integrated into any existing wastewater treatment system.

Don't have a system yet? We can help with that too. We provide the same design and build services and support for wastewater treatment systems.





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